A Few Ways to Sew Drawstring and Other Sports Bags

Stitching shoe bags for the individuals or girls in your life is a wonderful concept. No matter what sport or hobby they appreciate or where they travel far or to the fitness center, footwear bags or drawstring bags come in useful.

The best ways to stitch stitching with one of top rated sewing machines are for a lined drawstring footwear bag.

You are the developer. You can determine the purpose, textile, style and also size of your drawstring bag. Right here are some recommendations.



  • Use whatever material suits your fancy. About 1/2 yard of textile makes one shoe bag.
  • Sturdier fabrics like denim, canvas, slipcover fabric, phony suede, corduroy, etc. work well for tougher footwears.
  • Great materials like velour, velvet, cotton, flannels, etc. are good for dressier shoes.
  • Consider satin or silk for underwear bags or jewelry bags. Or use mesh for the beach or laundry bags.

The lining is optional. If you line the bags, select a suitable lining material that will not tear effortlessly particularly for the sturdier shoes. Often the same fabric is the most effective lining. The guidelines below are for a lined drawstring bag.You could wish to utilize cleanable textiles so you could wash the bags later. Preshrink all fabrics before cutting.


Utilize a set of 36-inch long ornamental shoe laces or leather shoelaces for each and every bag or hefty cord or stitch your textile or fake suede drawstrings. Bow also works.


Stitch a test bag to see if the dimensions correct for you.

Cut one bag with the adhering to recommended dimensions. The area of the footwear inside as well as examine to see if it fits well. Include or subtract from the size or size to readjust for whatever shoe or product that you have.

Suggested Sizes

For two golf shoe bags, cut four items of fabric 20 inches long and 11 inches large. Cut four pieces of lining 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches large. Keep in mind: Cut an additional drawstring bag for a round golf bag.

Two bowling footwears will match one footwear bag. Cut two items of textile 20 inches long and also 11 inches broad. Cut 2 lining 19 inches long and also 10-1/2 inches vast. One bag could additionally hold two gym shoe or 2 females gown shoes.

Gym shoes vary in size. For extra big or little footwears, gauge around the footwear as well as change the measure of the fabric; also see it to that the seam allowances accommodates the size of the footwear.

How To Sew Stitching Technique

Enhance the Footwear Bag

  1. Make the drawstring bag unique with a unique style or symbol. Consider monogramming the bags or including a sports theme applique or needlework style before stitching. The area the design about 3 inches from the bottom in the center of one of the 20 x 11 items.
  2. After you cut the bag, area 2 bag items appropriate sides together.
  3. Procedure and also make a mark 5 inches down from the top of the bag on both sides.
  4. Stitch 1/2-inch seam around bag was starting and also stopping at this 5-inch mark. Do not back sew. For the first and last inch, use brief stitches.
  5. Repeat stitching as over for the lining.
  6. Press all joints open on both bag and also the lining.
  7. Press under 1/2 inch on the unstitched 5-inch bag side edges. Fuse or stitch to hold.
  8. Do the same for the lining.
  9. Transform the bag best side out.
  10. Turn the lining right side out.
  11. Equipment sews 1/2″ below the lining as if you were making a French seam. This develops a strong edge.
  12. Transform the lining incorrect side out.
  13. Make sure you slip the lining down into the bag; this will make the top edge of the lining 1/2 inch at the top edge of the bag.
  14. Fold up the leading edge of the front of the bag down 1/2 inch over the lining.
  15. Press this layer to create a fold.
  16. Currently, bring the leading folded pushed edge of the bag down to meet the side borders at the bottom of the position.
  17. Pin to hold and stitch near this fold side.
  18. Making the case, sew 1″ higher than the previous sewing.
  19. Repeat for the rear end of the bag.

Put Drawstrings

Use a security pin or bodkin to slide the drawstrings with the casings.

Move one drawstring through the casing of the bag back as well as front having upright the very same side of the bag.

Place the various other drawstring starting at the opposite side of the bag, moving via the casing of the bag back as well as front having ends on that side of the bag.

Connect the ends of the drawstrings with each other.

That completes the lined drawstring footwear bag.

Note: If the footwear bag is wide sufficient for two shoes, you might want to stitch up the facility of the bag from the bottom around (but do not include) the casing through all the levels to develop different areas for each footwear to help maintain them from messing up.

Pin before sewing as well as an examination to see if there suffices area for the shoes. Otherwise, you could wish to raise the size of your footwear bag.

Sew bags any dimension for anything. Everybody needs a bag for something. Youngsters like treasure bags. Make big bags as well as little bags. Give drawstring bags to guest for Papas’ Day, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, and so on. Appreciate sewing bags!

It simply makes good sense!

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