Straight Hair makes you look thinner….

Recently I ran across a couple articles stating that straight hair from the best flat irons makes your face look thinner.  Which in turn actually makes your whole body look thinner.  Don’t believe me, check this excerpt from one of the articles:

News flash: Contouring with reckless abandon isn’t the only thing that can make your face look more sculpted. The way your hair swings and frames your face—when snipped correctly—can actually make rounder faces look narrower and add subtle definition. “The number one rule someone with a round face should take into account when getting a haircut is to stay away from blunt lines,” hairstylist Tyler Colton tells us. “Hard lines tend to look very young and make your face appear rounder than it is.” With that in mind, we asked him and hairstylist Amy Bradbury of Kennaland BK to share the top three haircuts that sculpt and slim your face. Scroll through and school yourself!



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